Member of the IPS Group

New strength and enormous potential as a member of the IPS Group

It is part of our entrepreneurial responsibility toward both our clients and our staff to ensure the greatest possible security and flexibility in the future. After gaining legal independence a good year ago, we have reflected on our strengths and worked on our weaknesses. This process has shown that a merger with a renowned and well-established partner can be a viable option going forward. It goes without saying, of course, that the great challenge is to find the right partner.

We believe we have found one: Over the last 16 years, IPS Irsch AG has developed from „Intellectual Property Services“ started in 2005 to the largest patent law firm in Thurgau and the second-largest in eastern Switzerland. Behind it are people with proven expertise, considerable experience and high expectations of both themselves and their work. That Manfred and Magdalena Irsch, the owners of IPS Irsch AG, also have the vital entrepreneurial gene is not difficult to see from the history of their company. They come with a highly successful track record, maintain close and long-standing relationships with international clients and share our values in many important aspects.

The know-how and advanced infrastructure of IPS Irsch AG will enable us to make great strides in administration and digitalization and tap into interesting synergy potential. Based in Frauenfeld, in Thurgau canton, the firm has a highly developed understanding of quality and has for many years invested extensively in modern, efficient and secure infrastructure. This has also enabled IPS Irsch AG to make a name for itself internationally in the industry.

As a partner of this renowned patent law firm, we will retain our independence in the future and continue to serve the market under our traditional name. Our head office in Schaffhausen canton will remain, nor will there be any changes in the terms of our cooperation. I will be taking over the reins of Gernet Althaus IP AG; Samuel Gernet remains committed to serving the company as Senior Consultant.

We are on a good path and proud that this step allows us to strengthen our market presence and steer the company toward a successful future in every respect. It is not only us who will benefit, though, but particularly our clients – from greater capability, more flexibility and a wider breadth of expertise.