New strength and enormous potential as a member of the IPS Group


Who Are We?

Suisse Technology Partners AG – IP Law Firm is an independent patent and trademark law firm. 

You invent, and we protect – to safeguard and enhance your competitiveness.

Protect your innovation against imitation! Protection enables you to stand apart from your competition and prohibit others from using your intellectual property. It also stops competitors protecting your innovation for themselves. Your protected innovations and creations are a tradeable asset which you can sell or licence.

Our team of highly qualified specialists have a wealth of expertise and specialist knowledge of both intellectual property and various technical fields, most notably mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry and biotechnology. We draw on these skills to help innovative businesses and individual inventors develop effective strategies for protecting their intellectual property, anywhere in the world.


Our expertise.

Our customers rely on our expertise in the following areas.

protect your technical innovations.


distinguish your products and enhance their image.


protects the creative new design (external appearance) of your products.



Corporate Philosophy of IPS Irsch AG and Gernet Althaus IP AG

We have proven ourselves on both the national and international market over many years and driven the organic growth of our patent law firms. The individuality of the separate companies stands front and center, while their solidarity with each other gives additional strength to the whole. We will use these for the benefit of our clients. We firmly believe that a regional alignment based on established roots in the local area meets the growing needs of our clients.

The personality of the staff and their integrity are valued highly in our companies alongside requirements on their specialist qualifications. We attach great importance to an inspiring and appreciative staff and corporate culture and have, as a group, committed ourselves to acting sustainably and responsibly. In doing so we have laid the foundation for a relationship with our clients that is based on trust and cooperation.

The outstanding standard of our infrastructures, including the IT system that was announced back in 2013 and has since been fully integrated, are central factors in our ability to provide high-quality services. That has put us well ahead of many of our competitors, allowing us to deliver consistent improvements in efficiency and significant advancements in data security. What is more, this foundation has enabled us to better prepare for unforeseen events such as the coronavirus pandemic and overcome the additional challenges to a consistently high standard.

As a corporate group, we can also enhance security and flexibility and tap into the considerable synergy potential available from the across-the-board use of services and resources. The fact that our patent attorneys come from a range of natural scientific specialisms such as physics, chemistry, biology and mechanical engineering and are actively engaged in areas of interest beyond their specialist fields additionally enhances the benefits for our clients.

It is our belief that a personal relationship with clients, cooperation with the same contacts over many years and ethically responsible and sustainable actions in the market will become even more important in the future. We share these values and will preserve them for the benefit of our clients and our companies.


Our team.

We protect and defend your intellectual property.
Roland Althaus,

Dr. sc. nat., Dipl. Natw. ETH

European and Swiss patent attorney; lawyer
+41 52 55 111 26

Max Bolliger

Head of Human Resources
+41 52 55 111 06

Samuel Gernet,

Dr. sc. nat., Dipl. Phys. ETH

Senior Consultant
European and Swiss patent attorney
+41 52 55 111 07

Sandra Baitler

Formalities Officer – patents,
trademarks, designs
+41 52 55 111 07

Brigitte Stoll

Formalities Officer – patents,
trademarks, designs
+41 52 55 111 06

Remo Cadalbert

IT Consultant
responsible for hardware and software
support as well as networks.
+41 52 55 111 07



One has to give ideas a fighting chance to become reality.

Thomas A. Edison


A patent is an industrial property right conferred by the government. With a patent, you can prevent others from making commercial use of your innovation.

The scenario

You have developed something and want to legally protect your invention.

A third party is using your patented invention in a product and selling it, so you want to put an immediate stop to that party's business practices. You want to prevent him from using it or, at the very least, confer a licence.

Our service

First, we assess the patentability of your invention and guide you along the legally complex route to obtaining a patent. This involves drafting and submitting applications and conducting examination and opposition proceedings. We also maintain and enforce your existing patent rights and assist you in patent invalidation and infringement cases. For national patent applications and disputes, we have access to a global and reliable network of national patent attorneys.

We draft any licence and joint development agreements in close consultation with you, review them and represent your interests in dealings with third parties.



A trademark is the right to stand apart.

Alexander Deichsel


A trademark identifies the commercial origin of your products and services. A trademark is a symbol of the quality of your products and services and is an important asset. It is one of the keys to sustainable business development.

The scenario

You already have a trademark portfolio or are starting afresh with a new trademark. A third party approaches you with a warning, asking you to cancel your trademark.

It has come to your attention that somebody is using a trademark similar to yours and you want them to desist.

Our service

We comprehensively assist you with the preliminary legal investigations, the application and, if necessary, the defence of your trademark vis-à-vis the trademark Office or against third parties.

For national trademark applications and disputes, we have access to a global and reliable network of national associate attorneys.

Additionally, we monitor the renewal deadlines on your behalf and, when necessary, notify you of conflicts between your trademark and younger, confusingly similar trademarks.

We draft any licence and delimitation agreements in close consultation with you, review them and represent your interests in dealings with third parties.



The design should let a product talk, so to speak.

Dieter Rams


Designs protect a product's visual features. Both surface designs, such as fabric patterns or bottle labels, and forms, such as watches, lamps or chairs, can be protected.

The scenario

Your product, which has an original appearance, is being imitated by third parties and you want to prevent this.

You receive a warning, asking you to alter your new design for a product.

Our service

We comprehensively assist you with the preliminary legal investigations, the application and, if it comes to this, the defence of your design. For design applications and disputes abroad, we have access to a global network of national associate attorneys.

We also maintain the design protection for you.

We draft any licence agreements in close consultation with you, review them and represent your interests in dealings with third parties.



What clients say about us.

To assert our trademarks, which include ALUCOBOND®, DIBOND® and FOREX®, we needed a partner with strategic vision who could get things done, and we found that in Suisse TP IP Law Firm. Together, we win the majority of oppositions.

Lisa Willmann

Head of Marketing Communications Display | Transport+Industry - 3A Composites



Our Service

Usually, fees are based on time spent; the current hourly rate for attorney work is CHF 280 and for formal processing the hourly rate is CHF 160. The frequency of billing is by arrangement with the client.


What challenge are you facing?

We would be happy to discuss with you how we can protect your idea,
look after your portfolio or represent you in court.